Choosing the Perfect Opening Speaker For your Next Event:

As an event planner you have a lot of balls in the air – everything from venue selection to AV set-up to accommodations to choosing the perfect speaker to launch that all-important convention.


Sometimes, event planners overlook the importance of selecting the perfect opening speaker given all of the other items on the "to-do" list, but your opening speaker kicks off the event and sets the tone for all the activities that follow. Critical. So, how do you find the perfect opening speaker? Here are 5.5 tips to ensure a successful search.

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Chip Eichelberger, CSP

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I am Chip Eichelberger and have been speaking professionally since 1993. Since 1966 if you count being the ringmaster at our first grade circus. If being the open - ing and/or closing speaker at over 946 CONVENTIONS and working with Tony Robbins for 6 years has taught me anything it is this:


Less is more!


Most of the time I see the leadership forcing the meeting planner trying to put too much information into one event. Try to make the breakout sessions shorter than planned. Use the room set-up recommendatons I suggest in that document for all meeting rooms. Make the breaks longer and give the participants more opportunities to network.


Do not go more than 60 minutes without giving them the opportunity to stand up – do something! Ask them a question, have them stand and share the answer with a neighbor, do a massage and play some upbeat music, do some stretches, play a game – anything. Unless you want to lose them, do not put multiple speakers back to back to back to back to back to back. Give them time to share best practices in an effective forum.




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